Books on demand

Your books printed quickly and economically, regardless of the size of the print run.

Books on Demand

Traditional printing presses are large and expensive, which means that in order to get an affordable price per copy, books need to be printed in large quantities, funds need to be appropriated for this, and the entire needs to be stored. At the same time it’s not known whether the entire run will be sold in a timely manner or if it will be lying around for a while.

By using digital printing technology, our books on demand solution lets you publish a book quickly and easily. Thanks to the significant innovation in digital printing in the last few years, you need not worry about quality. It has reached a level where the consumer is not able to tell the difference between a digital print and a traditional lithographic print. In addition, it’s always possible to print a test run, which is also quick and affordable, thanks to digital printing technology.

The advantages of books on demand

  • You can order just a single book. You don’t have to risk your money, without knowing if your book is going to be a best seller. It’s possible to order exactly the amount of books that you’ve already got an order for. You can put in repeat orders every week, if needed. A widely used practice is to order a smaller first run (e.g. 500 books) to figure out how well it sells. As demand grows, the same book is reprinted in larger runs using offset printing.
  • There is no need for storage because you are ordering exactly the number of books you need. You don’t have to store large piles of books at your home or your garage. You don’t have to pay expensive storage fees.
  • Less expenses in transporting. If you’ve received an order, you don’t have to worry about transporting or sending out the books. We will deliver the book exactly where you want it.
  • Environmentally friendly. Publishers no longer need to destroy large stocks of surplus books. In addition, there is no need to transport the books from the printer to a warehouse. We can deliver your books straight to the bookstore.

Following these principles lets you maintain control all the costs involved in book manufacturing, because the amount produced is based directly on the demand. This lets you improve your per-book profit margin.

Books on demand are the future of publishing!