Billing and direct mailing with a personal touch.

We offer mailers that can also be called “three in one” publications for submitting invoices and notices. A mailer is a postal item that has the appearance of an envelope and contains both text and coloured advertisements.

The invoice or any other information intended for the client will be printed on the inner surface of an A4 sheet and the insignia, coloured advertisement or simply an eye-catching advertising statement of your company will be printed on the outer surface. The sheet will then be folded in half or in three parts to make it look like an envelope, and then secured from the edges. And thus an eye-catching publication is ready for posting.

The main advantages of mailers are the possibility to submit the exact information meant for each individual client, the striking appearance, safety and a direct saving on expenses. Mailers also serve the purpose of advertising when unopened.

We have printed mailers for our clients for ten years. Therefore we possess high amounts of knowledge and experience in order to provide excellent support for creating these products.

Our clients describe the mailer as an invoice with good advertising space that reaches the client directly and to which it is incredibly easy to insert your own design. The necessary information can be displayed in the text field and a postal item with colourful design will please the clients more than a regular envelope. Once created, designs can be reused.