Business forms

Get your business forms from Estonia's leading carbonless form expert.

Kruul Printhouse is the leading producer of business forms in Estonia. We have been manufacturing all kinds of carbonless forms for over 20 years and we are the only printer in Estonia employing specific web presses for large run printing of carbonless forms.

Carbonless Forms

If you need to provide documentation in multiple copies, carbonless forms are often the best solution, as they save both time and resources by letting you fill out the original and all copies at the same time.

A carbonless form is a form comprised of multiple self-copying pages, which are glued together in sets. Different layers in a set can be printed on different coloured paper. The number of layers in a set is limited only by the technical specifications of your printer.

Using different colours for different layers helps differentiating between originals and copies and ensures secure document distribution. These kinds of forms also reduce the risk of information forgery.

Because carbonless forms can also be filled out by hand, their range of use is very wide and is not limited just to the office.

Continuous Forms

If your business needs to output large numbers of forms quickly, a good solution is to use continuous forms or forms attached to punched printer sheets, for use with dot matrix printers. These types of forms are used in warehouses and large logistics companies, as well as many manufacturing companies.

The advantage of both of these types of forms is not having to manually feed them into the printer. The accordion-folded forms are continuously fed into the printer and back together after being printed. Often a bill can have so many entries, that they don’t fit on one sheet – in this case the remaining entires are automatically printed on a new sheet. The forms are separated at time of distribution.

We offer printing your company’s logo and contacts on the forms, as well as other information that is useful for both the recipient and sender. This makes your forms into easily recognizable and memorable, and they function as carriers of both valuable information as well as your corporate image.