Professional quality packaging for your products.

The packaging of your product creates the first impression on the shelf, which is why it needs to be attention-grabbing and proper. We put care and quality into every stage of producing your packaging. This allows us to avoid discord between different production stages and to ensure our clients get the best possible result.

We produce packaging that is best held in one hand, the longest unfolded side of which can be a maximum of 650 mm. Most of the packaging we produce is comprised of:

• food packaging   

• medical packaging  

• cosmetics boxes

• hangers

• pouches

• jackets/wrappers

• pharmaceutical packaging

• soap packaging

• multimedia packaging

• bag shutters

• parcels

• other boxes and cartons

There’s no need to hurry in planning and developing packaging. It’s better to take the time for the ideal result. No less important is the eco-friendliness of the packaging. Paper is reusable, renewable, and promotes sustainable forestry development. It’s still the most powerful medium for communication in the world. The right packaging determines, whether your product will be chosen from the vendors’ shelves and put in the consumers’ shopping basket. Because of this, packaging needs to be carefully considered, and this is another thing we can help you with.

From idea to result – you only need to have a product. In addition to high quality production, we can also help you choose materials and help with the form and design of the packaging.

Purposeful – we can produce both small and large quantities of purposeful packaging.

Economical – our modern equipment will save your time and money, ensuring a perfect result.

Our years of experience, constant self-improvement in the field of packaging, and a client-centric approach have made us a valued partner to many well-known companies in Estonia and neighboring countries.