Environmental policy

All of our production methods are based on the environmental values codified in the ISO14001 certification.

Our primary goals are improving energy efficiency, to use resources as conservatively as possible and to continuously renew our production processes. We ensure that all of our waste products are recycled or processed in an environmentally conscious way, so as not to have a harmful impact on nature and the environment.

All of our printing paper is purchased from suppliers who are ISO14001 certified and whose papers are free of elementary chlorine. These papers are produced from raw materials obtained from sustainable forests (ECF or TCF cellulose). Our paper suppliers ensure that the paper producers we buy from have introduced environmental management systems.

We buy our printing inks from suppliers who provide biodegradable inks and who are considered to be best ink producers in the world, offering a wide variety of internationally acclaimed inks.

We work to raise the environmental consciousness of our employees, to inform them of the environmental impact of their work and to ensure responsible use of printing paper and inks.

We inform our partners of our environmental principles and have made it our mission to educate our clients on environmental issues. When cost and quality allow, we always recommend the more environmentally friendly options.

We are constantly working to improve our environmental record and we align our activities with all appropriate environmental policies and legislation.